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Goldsborough & Flaxby Parish Council Website

Welcome to

Goldsborough & Flaxby Parish Grouped Council Website

Welcome to

Goldsborough & Flaxby Parish Grouped Council Website

A Letter from the Chairman

Welcome to the official website for Goldsborough & Flaxby Parish Council, providing an online destination for news and information in respect of local issues concerning the two villages.

The Parish Council is the level of elected government that is closest to the community, with the unitary authority of North Yorkshire Council above it in the democratic hierarchy.  The Parish Council serves to represent the views and concerns of all residents of Goldsborough and Flaxby, to seek to ensure that local matters are dealt with and addressed, both within the Parish and in the wider locality.

As a Council, we make a range of decisions on issues that affect the residents of Goldsborough and Flaxby.  The most common matters that we are involved with are planning applications, both local and Borough-wide (including the Local Plan), managing amenity spaces, including the Goldsborough Play Area and Allotments, and seeking to ensure that local services and facilities are delivered to the Parish.

We hope that this website will serve to facilitate ongoing and wider engagement with the local community and prove to be a valuable tool in the dissemination of information.

Please feel free to browse this website and access the documents and information that we have made available.

If you would like to know more information about how and why Parish Councils operate, and what powers they have, or if you feel that you have an issue to raise with the Parish Council or comments to make please do get in touch with us.

Best wishes 

Neil Taylor


Goldsborough & Flaxby Parish Council

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